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Geophysical Services

Investigation of shallow marine geology forms the basis for drilling hazard analysis and pipeline route surveys. Fugro Survey Limited provides a series of geological services for different purposes, using highly sophisticated interpretation techniques. These techniques enable us to provide the client with the most accurate geological predictions possible.

Due to our services previously unknown risks are quantified and minimised during drilling of wells, installation of structure or laying of pipelines or cables. This reduces the costs of clients operations and delivers safer development.

  • Seabed Mapping

    Seabed Mapping

    Fugro Survey Limited is able to provide seabed mapping services throughout NW Europe, the Mediterranean and West African waters as well as on the UK Continental Shelf.
  • Site Surveys

    Site Surveys (Drilling Hazard Surveys)

    The consequences and costs of operational failure of a drilling rig are significant. The key element when compiling a drilling hazard report is to obtain, process and evaluate the appropriate data.
  • Regional Survey

    Regional Surveys

    During the last couple of years, regional geological studies have been proven a cost-efficient and time reducing method of conducting site surveys.
  • Pipeline Route

    Cable and Pipeline Route Surveys

    Detailed surveys of corridors for oil and gas pipelines, flowlines and umbilical cables allow engineers to design cost-efficient, practical and safe routes for their installations.
  • Hydrographic

    Hydrographic Mapping

    Fugro Survey Limited has vessels, equipment and a competent staff to perform hydrographic mapping surveys.
  • EEZ Surveys

    EEZ Surveys

    The UN's Law of the Sea gives nations permission to apply for a larger Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) along their coasts. To claim such extensions, they must document the claim with bathymetry and seismic data.
  • GIS

    GIS Services

    The innovative use of GIS is having positive impacts and delivering many benefits through all levels of decision-making, operations and asset management. Through its core operations Fugro Survey Limited has developed a strong technical focus on data management, web based technology and GIS.