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MV Geo Prospector

Download the vessel specifications here:

M.V. Geo Prospector

Instrumentation provided onboard the vessel consists of, high frequency digital seismic, sub-bottom profilers, multibeam and single beam echo sounders, side-scan sonars, HPR, G800 series magnetometer, gravity coring systems, and off-line processing, draughting and reporting systems. The Fugro STARFIX Global Positioning System provides differential GPS positioning of the survey vessel. The on-line navigation station and instrument room, are networked to the various off-line processing stations for integration of all survey activities from data collection through to final onboard reporting.

Clients can also utilise Fugro Survey’s state of the art AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) which can supply engineering precision data in deeper water tailored to the clients needs. The vessel acts as the mother ship to the AUV Echo Surveyor during AUV operations

MBE from 5 to 3500 metre: Kongsberg EM302
MBE from 5 to 250 metre: Kongsberg EM3002

  • Geo Prospector


    Images of the M.V. Geo Prospector